Can I use torrents?

To get back its full functionality after connecting to the VPN, the torrent program needs to open the port: Open the settings of the torrent program and see what port is indicated there (uncheck the random port at startup box) and remember/copy it.

Open the VPN web dashboard at (you must be connected to VPN).

Log in, enter the port to open and click Apply.

Restart the torrent program (make sure that its settings indicate the previously specified port that you opened in the previous step).

We kindly ask you not to use a VPN to distribute files, at least leaving them for a long time (distributing more than you downloaded), because this clogs the channel with meaningless traffic and creates inconvenience to all VPN users.

Thank you in advance for the responsible and conscientious use of our service!

Please note that P2P connections are not prohibited by our Terms of Use , but due to the flow of complaints of copyright holders, the ports used by this type of connection are closed by default on some servers.

Please contact our technical support for advice on using P2P on VPN servers.

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