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Port scanner shows which ports are open on your (or someone else's) computer and what they are accountable for.
Verification is performed via the scanner nmap, and shows the extend to which your PC is open to the outside world.
You can enter any IP-address, as well as any domain.

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If the result «Host seems down», then the firewall or router
ïverified IP blocks and pings.

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More information about the ports scanner:

Port Scanner is a software designed to locate hosts on the network, where the necessary port or a number of ports are open. Port scanners are generally used by system administrators to identify vulnerabilities of their networks.

Our service offers you the best-known system program — nmap, adapted specifically for the Web.

To check your computer, use the «insert my IP-address» button next to the scanner. We also allow checking any third parties IP-addresses, but only as an insight! It is strictly forbidden to use this scanner for illegal activities.