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All proxies are thoroughly and regularly checked for ping, type, country, connection speed,
anonymity, and uptime by the number of checks. Exporting the proxy list in the IP:Port
format and API access are available with the paid subscription.
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IP addressPortCountry, CitySpeedTypeAnonymityLatest update Chile Castro

2640 ms

HTTPAverage2 minutes Chile Las Condes

1280 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Spain Alicante

380 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile

1380 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Los Ángeles

1180 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Nunoa

1200 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Bangladesh Keraniganj

1220 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Santiago

1200 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Poland Chojnice

340 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Port Montt

1400 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Temuco

1460 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Santiago

1520 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Chile Valdivia

1420 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Cambodia Phnom Penh

1240 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Taiwan Kaohsiung City

2420 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Thailand Krathum Baen

1020 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Thailand Bangkok

1660 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Vietnam Thanh Hóa

1620 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Indonesia Blitar

2940 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Indonesia Jakarta

1040 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Brazil Itaituba

1360 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Brazil Pouso Alegre

1140 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes India Jammu

1140 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Nepal Butwal

1120 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes Nepal

1040 ms

SOCKS4High2 minutes India

4240 ms

SOCKS5High3 minutes Indonesia Semarang

1120 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Brazil Juina

2420 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Bangladesh Jessore

1240 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Indonesia

1120 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Cambodia

1160 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Brazil Senador Canedo

1260 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Indonesia

1120 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Venezuela

880 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Indonesia

1040 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Uganda

1140 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Russian Federation Krasnodar

140 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes Spain Durango

3400 ms

SOCKS4High3 minutes India Veraval

1620 ms

HTTPHigh5 minutes Canada

1640 ms

HTTPHigh5 minutes South Africa Cape Town

1440 ms

HTTP, HTTPSLow5 minutes Russian Federation Orenburg

200 ms

HTTPHigh5 minutes Togo Palimé

1800 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Indonesia Jakarta

1580 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Cambodia Phnom Penh

4200 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Madagascar Antananarivo

1260 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Vietnam

1300 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Cambodia

1140 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Paraguay Santa Rita

1260 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes India Guwahati

980 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Nepal Butwal

1060 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Thailand Pattaya

1120 ms

SOCKS4High5 minutes Germany

640 ms

HTTP, HTTPSHigh6 minutes United States

2220 ms

SOCKS4, SOCKS5High6 minutes India Trivandrum

880 ms

HTTPAverage7 minutes Singapore

1200 ms

HTTPAverage7 minutes India Chennai

4140 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes Afghanistan

2160 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes Indonesia Jakarta

1040 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes Nepal

1060 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes India Pune

900 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes

1200 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes Nepal

1080 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes Cambodia

1180 ms

SOCKS4High7 minutes

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Learn more about proxy lists

Proxies are needed when using a VPN is either impossible or inconvenient. For example, when mass action is required from multiple IP addresses simultaneously, such as parsing, increasing views, visits, removing limits on the number of requests from online services, etc.

Proxies from our list do not belong to us. They are collected automatically by the "spider robot" from thousands of different sites on the internet, including closed forums and even some private proxy databases.

Please note that these are not our own proxies, so we can not be held responsible for their performance and stability, but only show their status at the time of verification. The right column in the list shows how long ago the check was performed.

All proxy servers in the list are checked and sorted according to various parameters.

For example, the type of proxy depends on how you will be able to use it. Here are the types:
  • HTTP: regular proxies that support HTTP requests. You can use them to view websites and download files over HTTP.
  • HTTPS: Also called SSL-enabled proxy servers. Allow you to view HTTPS sites. Using specialized programs, they can be used for any protocol, like SOCKS proxy servers.
  • Socks 4: Proxies that support the SOCKS protocol version 4. They can be used to connect over TCP / IP protocol to any address and port.
  • Socks 5: Includes all the features of version 4. Additional features include use of the UDP Protocol, the ability to make DNS requests through a proxy, and use of the BIND method to open the port for incoming connections.

Proxy anonymity is a very important parameter. This determines whether your real address will be hidden and whether or not the destination server will suspect that you're using a proxy.

Anonymity categories that are in our proxy list:
  • No anonymity: The remote server knows your IP address and knows that you are using a proxy.
  • Low anonymity: The remote server does not know your IP, but knows that you are using a proxy.
  • Average anonymity: The remote server knows that you are using a proxy and thinks that it knows your IP, but it is not yours (these are usually multi-network proxies that show the remote server the incoming interface as REMOTE_ADDR).
  • High anonymity: The remote server does not know your IP, and it has no direct evidence that you are using a proxy. These are anonymous proxies.

The speed is indicated in milliseconds, but it is not a ping. You can see how fast a small text file was uploaded via proxy. The easiest way is to focus on the color of the strip: green is fast, and red is slow.

The ping will vary. If this is an important parameter for you, it is better to check it directly from the device where the proxy will be used.

For owners of paid subscription, you can download the proxy list in .txt and .csv formats, as well as get API access. You can request access to the API from technical support.