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Benefits of the paid subscription

  • Access to ports
    Through the paid subscription you can get access to outgoing and incoming ports allowing you to set up a gaming or web server on your home computer.
  • Access to more high-speed servers
    There are more than 20 servers available in Russia, including high-speed servers in Moscow, as well as multiple servers in Europe, the US and Asia.
  • Access to the PlayStation Network
    Full access to PSN from Moscow servers with a minimal ping increase.
  • Ability to rent personal IP-addresses
    Ability to rent one or several designated IP-addresses that are not black listed. There is additional security, Reverse DNS, and many additional features.
  • Operation of any application via VPN
    Due to the limitations of outgoing ports, the test version Email clients and some software that requires open ports, for example SIP-telephony, do not function.
  • Up to 5 devices at the same time
    As our client you will have all your devices protected without additional costs.

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