Moneyback Guarantee

Despite the fact that you can test our service for free within up to 24 hours we went for an even bolder step: a money back guarantee within 30 days from the date of purchase. We are confident in the quality of our service, and you can be confident in us.

Refund policy

If the service really doesn’t satisfy you or you have encountered problems that we were unable to solve, we will be happy to do a purchase cancellation and give you a refund. Any limitations described in the rules are not created to cause you inconvenience, but only to prevent an unfair use of this guarantee.

To take advantage of the guarantee, you need to remember some points and rules:

  • The countdown of the guarantee period starts from the moment of purchase.
  • You can use the return option only once.
  • The user needs to demonstrate that the service was unavailable for use during the subscription period and reasonable attempts were made to contact our technical support team to solve the problem.
  • Returns may be requested without objective reasons. In this case, the total amount of transmitted and received traffic for the entire subscription period should not exceed 5 gigabytes. You can clarify the information about the traffic balance at technical support or use special utilities to account for it.
  • No violations of the terms of use or complaints about your actions up to the time of the completed refund to your account.
  • Available only for purchases with the validity duration equal to 30 days and more.
  • Does not apply to additionally leased personal IP addresses.

Payment systems commissions

We accept payments through special aggregators and pay a commission for any payment to our address. Some payment systems allow you to cancel the commission at the time of return, or the commission is so insignificant that we refund the entire amount, compensating for the size of the commission ourselves. Among such payment systems are PayPal (cancels the commission) and WebMoney (0.8%).

Other payment systems, such as: Yandex.Money (commission 8.2%), Qiwi (7.3%), Bank cards (7%, through a return to electronic payment systems), Mobile commerce (15%), Skrill (6%), and PrivatBank (5%) do not cancel the commission when returning the payment. In the case of their use, we will need to deduct the commission from the refund amount.

Payments in cryptocurrencies are refunded at the current rate and network fee, in equivalent to the amount initially paid in dollars.

Returns of purchases made within our iOS or Android applications are made through the Apple AppStore or Google Play, respectively. When you're granted a refund, the funds return to the payment method that was originally charged for the purchase.

To clarify the commission amount of a payment system not specified above but available on our website, you can write to us at [email protected]


The standard period from the moment of acceptance and confirmation of your feedback form is 7 to 15 days. This time is necessary for us to be sure that there will be no complaints about your activity after you have completed using the service.

In exceptional cases, the refund period may be extended by several days, but we will certainly notify you of this with an explanation of the reasons.

If your subscription has not been activated or not used, you can request an accelerated refund procedure.


To make a return, you must write to us using the feedback form on the site, indicating:

  1. In the subject of the message "Return under guarantee".
  2. A valid e-mail for reply.
  3. Your code, reason for the return, and number of previously created tickets for your problem.

Make sure that after sending the request, a confirmation of ticket creation has been sent to your e-mail.


We may from time to time update the return guarantee without notice, while notification of any significant changes to the conditions will be provided to subscribers by e-mail or via an update on the site.

If you continue to use our service, site, developments, and applications after these changes take effect, you agree to the revised terms and conditions.

In case of any questions regarding these rules, or the work of the service as a whole, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

Actual since publication: October 31, 2018.